Mentorship Program

The Mentoring Program is designed to counsel, guide, teach, advise and support all of the Young Women of Epiphany. The Mentors will share wisdom, experience, motivation and provide stable positive influence to Empower the Young Women to find her divine purpose and maximize her potential.

There are 4 ways Mentoring happens through  The Epiphany Foundation; such as Traditional Mentoring (One on One), Group Mentoring (Mentor & Group), Team Mentoring(Team of Mentors & Group) & Peer Mentoring (Mentee & Mentee)!

Self-Esteem Workshops

Self-Esteem Workshops

The Self Esteem workshops are desiged to Empower Young Women to view themselves, their gifts, their weaknesses and their strengths through sessions which help them to discover the Whole Woman "Inside and Out"!

The workshop sessions are developed around 3 components of self esteem which are Self-Love, Self-Acceptence, and Self-Worth! 

Life Skills Training

The Life Skills training program is designed to educate, teach and Empower Young Women with the necessary skills a person must possess in order to successfully live in today's society! The Epiphany Foundation believes the key to successful life skills is having a regular routine and the ability to manage obstacles that life may place in your path.

Life Skill trainings includes but not limited to Time Management skills, Money Management skills, Job Readiness, Communication skills, Daily Routine Life skills such as doing laundry, riding bus and household cleaning.​ We work one on one with Young Women in setting goals & managing their progress that work specifically for their lives!