About the Foundation

The Epiphany Foundation is designed to mentor young women to ensure they have the necessary life, social, and economic skills to become productive in our communities. It is designed for all types of women coming from different backgrounds, cultures and women dealing with "brokeness" in forms of abuse, poverty, and rejection the list could go on. Our organization will provide the tools to "Empower Young Women" to become independent, create self-awareness and build self-esteem while being supported in a non-judgmental environment. We will help cultivate the desire for change in their lives so they can experience life changing opportunities like never before!

The Epiphany Foundation was created originally for young women 18 - 29 years of age. As the times changed so did the need and we created programs specifically for young women 14- 17 years of age as well. We also have services for any participants over the age of 29 based on their individual needs and will provide personal life coaching. Our organization is for young women searching for answers, needing a friend to talk to as well as needing to feel their information is safe! The participants of Epiphany will benefit from a well rounded curriculum of activities and well as through experienced women life situations in the community where they will create lifelong relationships with others.

The Young Women who decide to participate must be willing to help others as they help themselves! It could be your life experience that may help other young women out of a bad situation, or help to become a better parent, or even just have a higher esteem for themselves. The possibilities are endless in your willingness and involvement what Epiphany could do in your life!